Perfect Pairs Summer 2019

bbq season


It’s summertime and that means pulling out the grill for some lazy dinners on the deck or easy dinner parties for a crowd.

But what to pair with that delicious charred meat?

We turned to Ed Ferencik of Butcher’s Kitchen Char-B-Que, which he co-owns with his father, also named Ed, for his expert advice.

In fact, what makes the Ferenciks particularly adept at this assignment: Ed Senior has 40 years of experience as a butcher and sausage-maker, and Ed Junior has a culinary degree from UNLV and is a certified sommelier.

“My dad and I had always talked about opening something together,” says Ferencik. “We wrote a few business plans but kept falling back on the Char-B-Que idea, where we meshed barbecue with all the food inspired by the butcher. Based on both our expertise, it just made sense.”

The Reno restaurant serves steaks, house-made sausage, fish and rotisserie chicken with fresh sides, like seasonal roasted vegetables with herbs or mac and cheese with an au gratin crust and a cheese béchamel.

“So what better fare to pair with beer and wine, my passion,” says Ferencik. “We rotate six draft beers and keep a bottle fridge with about 25 choices. We (also) have three wines on draft, as well as a handful of bottles by-the-glass.”

Ferencik’s local favorite that rotates through, and pairs easily with just about everything, is the REVISION Brewing Company’s Double IPA. “Jeremy (Warren) over at REVISION made his mark at Knee Deep in Auburn for clean, crisp, West Coast IPAs—and does them really well, despite his recent fame for the hazy IPAs,” Ferencik says.

jagdwurst with blonde crush


IMBIB Custom Brews’ sours and German classic styles with sausages (try a smoked Jagdwurst with a Blonde Crush that has a hint of a saison note) or their Red Rye with brisket.

Great Basin Brewing’s Wild Horse Ale, or The Brewers Cabinet’s Tahoe Amber Ale, with pulled pork.

Alibi Ale Works IPA (crisp, clean and refreshing due to the champagne-style yeast) with rotisserie chicken (just “kiss” it on the grill for some char and marks).

El Dorado or Amador County old vine zinfandel with smoked and Santa Maria-grilled tri tip (the bold bramble-style fruit contrasts with the dry rub and marries the smoke).