Sunset Chasers Glenbrook Bay

Photography by William Blucher
Sunset Chasers Glenbrook Bay

Every sunset is a small miracle—which in today’s era of bad news, can be comforting in and of itself. Here at Sierra Living, we encourage you to take a moment—as you leave the office, start cooking dinner, grab the kids from soccer practice—to look to the west during the Golden Hour.

This issue: William Blucher shot this of Glenbrook Bay, near his home in Glenbrook, Nev. In fact, he wrote to us, “I want you to know those are not Photoshop-enhanced colors—the sunset really was that colorful. It was a beautiful evening.” It most certainly was, Bill—thank you!

Correction: In the August/September 2018 issue, the editors mistakenly identified photographer Bailey Diemer’s beautiful photo of Emerald Bay as a sunset—and ran it here—but it was in fact a sunrise. Absolutely not the photographer’s fault—he submitted several photos to run anywhere in the book, and we chose one we believed to be a sunset without checking with him first. So, apologies all around. Also a shout-out needs to go to the two SL readers who first caught the mistake for us, both sunset (and sunrise) chasing photographers themselves: Brandon Johnson of Grass Valley, Calif., and William Blucher of Glenbrook, Nev.